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Image Tuner

Edit, convert, watermark, and rename your pictures
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Image Tuner is way more than just a photo editing utility. Besides helping you crop, rotate or apply visual effects to your pictures, this program is also capable of batch converting, watermarking, and renaming your images.

The application features a very intuitive interface, allows you to import a wide variety of images, and supports batch processing. Furthermore, each of the built-in tools provides you with easy-to-configure output settings and immediately complete the given tasks.

In my testing, I imported 3 files (with JPG, TIFF, and PSD extensions) and chose the Convert, Rename, Filter tasks as operations. The program took a very small amount of time to generate the images.

Only 2 aspects bother me: the app offers you to install an unneeded utility and Image Tuner supports a few output formats, even though you can import a wide variety of image formats.

Still, this program comes without a price, a thing that's not so common, especially when talking about an application that provides you with so many features. I'd say it's worth giving it a try. There's also a Pro edition which comes with a price but can be used commercial purposes.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Lets you import various types of images.
  • Supports batch processing.
  • Comes with multiple built-in tools.
  • Fast processing speed


  • Supports a small amount of output formats.
  • During its installation, it will offer you to install an additional tool on your Windows PC
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